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How it works

How Direct Male® Works

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Let’s Get Started

Joining Direct Male is simple. Send us your email address and we’ll send you a free invitation to your inbox. Confirm your membership by clicking the link in the email. It’s that easy!

Once you become a member, you’ll receive Direct Male offers in your inbox. We do all the work for you – finding the latest, most exclusive offerings for men from premier companies nationwide. And, unlike some of those other sites, we promise not to inundate you with a countless number of emails.

So, What’s the Deal?

See something you like? Click “Buy Now!” and jump on the opportunity to get a fabulous deal. Complete your purchase and receive an email confirmation and offer voucher. At any time, sign into your Direct Male account and view and print your vouchers. You’ll need information on your voucher to redeem your offer. Our offers are only available for limited times and some have a limited number available, so grab it when you see it.

The specifics appear on the detail page under “Here’s the Deal.” Also, every offer has its own fine print – it’s what you need to know before purchasing and redeeming your voucher. Just like all fine print in life, it’s important that you review this prior to purchasing. These terms provide important information, such as how many vouchers you can purchase, the expiration date, if any, and the rules of redeeming your offer. You can find this information on each offer’s detail page listed under “Need to Know.”

Don’t Keep the Goods to Yourself

We want you to be the first one to want it, but not the last! Share your favorite Direct Male offers with friends and family. Helpful Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email links appear on each offer’s detail page to make it easy for you to share your finds.

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Merchants interested in partnering with Direct Male


Your Name in Lights (Well, sorta.)

Have a product or service Direct Male members need to have? Want to find more loyal customers? Want to increase you bottom line?

Direct Male wants to be your marketing partner. We’ll feature your business by working with you to create a unique offer that our members will love. We do all the work, with zero up-front costs to you.

Sharing is Caring

Direct Male manages your offer program from beginning to end. We provide the customer service to your consumers, e-commerce and credit card processing. We use our media partners, called affiliates, to advertise and promote your offer. Our partnership is built on a win-win philosophy and pricing is based on a revenue sharing model. After your offer closes, we send you a check.


Contact us, and we’ll be happy to share with you all the benefits of the Direct Male Marketing Program.

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